Joseline Hernandez, The Puerto Rican Princess, has a warrant out for arrest. A new video has hit the Internet following her backstage brawl at a boxing match, showing her assaulting officers. In the video, Hernandez is confronted by multiple officers. After yelling at them, she attacks multiple officers.

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According to The Shade Room, Hernandez is charged with battery of law enforcement officers. She is due in court by Aug. 10. If she does not show, she will forfeit any bond options.

Previously, Joseline Hernandez was arrested in Miami for her role in a massive backstage brawl at the Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III fight. According to TMZ, Hernandez was charged with at least four counts of trespassing and battery. Her mugshot is below.


Joseline Hernandez was in a brawl with Big Lex backstage at the Floyd Mayweather vs. John Gotti fight. The brawl in Miami worked throughout an entire backstage area, with Hernandez getting the best of Big Lex, hitting a security guard, another random woman, and more.

Also present in the video is Joseline’s husband, Ballistic, who screams at Big Lex after the initial encounter. The reasons for the start of the fight are unknown.

Footage from the brawl is available below.

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