On one of the most recent episodes of the We In Miami podcast, Former owner of The Source Magazine and reality star Ray Benzino talked about a potentially dangerous run-in with Jay-Z and Dame Dash over a cover story involving weapons at The Source office.

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Benzino said, “This one time, Jay and Dame was complaining about a cover situation, and they came up to The Source on some rah-rah sh*t. So I had n***as strapped up in different rooms — they didn’t know that. So they up there and started getting loud, because we just wanted them to think that Dave [Mays, co-founder of The Source] was up there with just one person.” 

He added, “Sure enough, it starts getting loud. N***as start coming out them rooms, and they had to get up out of there. There was a few of them, I think maybe three or four. But there was at least seven of us. There was at least seven guns up in The Source.”