Audiomack has announced the Connect Tab, a groundbreaking feature revolutionizing artist-fan communication. Frustrated by the limitations of traditional platforms, Audiomack recognized the need for artists to connect directly with their followers where they listen most.

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Enter Connect Tab, a game-changing addition to the Audiomack Creator App. Now, artists can effortlessly send messages to ALL their followers, reaching them on the same platform where they stream music. It’s a game-changer, enabling artists to instantly engage, inform, and delight their fans.

The impact has been astounding. Artists have witnessed significant growth in their fan base, with monthly account follows up by 51% in the last year. And it’s not just a vanity metric—engagement is soaring. After sending messages, artists reported a remarkable 38% increase in likes and a 32% surge in downloads within just three days.


Beta users like buzzing Nigerian artist Guchi’s overall plays skyrocketed by 21% after using Connect Tab. The fans are also engaging with more than 50k message replies received from a mere 2,300 messages sent.

The power of Connect Tab lies in its simplicity. Artists can preview new releases, share tour dates, host AMAs, or express gratitude for fan support. No longer confined by paywalls or one-to-one communication, Connect Tab empowers artists to connect with their fans like never before truly. With Audiomack’s 28 million monthly music fans and artists, Connect Tab is reshaping the music industry landscape—one fan connection at a time.

You can learn more about the Connect Tab here.