Tamar Braxton recently called out super producer Rodney ‘Dark Child’ Jerkins over royalty splits claiming he is greedy and takes a large portion of royalties.

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It began when a music page on Instagram revealed Toni Braxton was receiving 60% of the royalties from Burna Boy’s smash hit single ‘Last Last’. The song which samples Toni Braxton’s ‘He Wasn’t Man Enough’ is a huge hit for Burna and fans were shocked Toni asked for such a huge portion of the song. Her baby sister Tamar Braaxton says not so fast…the producer of the song Rodney Jerkins took most of it.

On the same Instagram post, Tamar entered the comments to clarify the rumor. She wrote:


She did not!!!! Actually that overly greedy RODNEY did!!! He won’t even come out and be honest about it!! That’s who he is and how he do!! He took almost ALL the percentage!!! She won’t say it but now that I’m a better sister, I’ll slap a Bch for any one of em!! He’s the WORST!!! Greedy MF

Check out both songs below.

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