Once he was called the voice of the streets, now we can call him the voice of Gospel HipHop. Magg-1 born and raised in the streets of Bed-Stuy Brooklyn started his independent music career as a young street artist who was well recognized in NYC for his powerful 
and distinctive voice with hard-core potent lyrics. Magg was no stranger to the street life, his lyrics were his reality but not his destiny. Magg quickly became one of the hottest known artists in the underground hiphop world, featured on Various mixtapes, DVD magazines, NYC popular radio stations, DJs playlist, and local performance venues. Magg was nominated for the “Most original artist of the year” in 2009 Underground music awards (UMA) Magg also created a buzz in other states with popular commercial singles like “2-step double” and “Juice” just to say the least. Magg continued to reach others attention outside of the US with the UK on the look out. In 2012 Magg was faced with an unexpected tragedy and decided to put the music to the side. In the meantime he decided to get his GED and enrolled into college and was awarded a scholarship for his high GPA and received a Bachelors of Science from St. John’s University in Queens NYC. From his hard work and diligent grind, Magg became a career holder and an entrepreneur. While his life had changed dramatically, Magg recognized that his Success and blessings was a gift from God so he continued to praise, worship and study the word of God. In doing so Magg received spiritual awakenings with visions and dreams. On June 15th 2020 Magg received the Holy Spirit and was given his purpose and direction to preach the gospel to complete his destiny. Magg-1 founder and CEO of the record label Maggnificent Music. Featuring Rap and R&B artists who uses their voice to spread the word of God. Magg-1 which is also short for “Maggnificent One” is a voice that the world needs but only time will tell what God has in plan for his children. Introducing, Man against giant goes for one purpose Magg-1.

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