Neon Nash, a nerdcore singer/rapper, is making magic with her latest single, “Sailor Moon.” The song has garnered immense attention for its captivating melody, groovy bass line, and Neon Nash’s soulful vocals, which have left listeners spellbound. 

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“Sailor Moon” is an R&B anthem that immediately grabs hold of its audience. The track’s production, driven by a mesmerizing bass line, sets the perfect backdrop for Neon Nash’s powerful vocals and lyrical prowess, creating an irresistible combination that leaves listeners wanting more.

However, the true surprise came when the sped-up version of “Sailor Moon” emerged on TikTok. Almost magically, it started to go viral, amassing an astounding 300 million views across nearly 130,000 videos. The song’s popularity soared without any deliberate effort from Neon Nash, a testament to its organic appeal and Neon Nash’s undeniable talent. 


The success of the sped-up version on TikTok has propelled Neon Nash’s popularity to new heights. Her growing fan base has been captivated by the track’s infectious energy and lyrical charm, drawing even more attention to her extraordinary musical gifts. 

Commenting on the unexpected viral phenomenon, Neon Nash expressed her delight, “Seeing ‘Sailor Moon’ blow up on TikTok has been an incredible and humbling experience. I poured my heart and soul into this song, and it’s heartwarming to witness the spontaneous love it has received from fans worldwide.” 

Both versions of “Sailor Moon” are now available on all major digital streaming platforms, allowing even more fans to enjoy this enchanting R&B gem. Neon Nash’s unique blend of talent, authenticity, and magnetic appeal is setting the stage for an exhilarating musical journey, and she is just getting started. 

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