The wife of late Hip-Hop icon Biz Markie, Tara Hall, has started the “Save Biz Markies IG” hashtag after claiming his former manager holds his Instagram account hostage.

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AllHipHop reports Hall notes Markie’s former manager will not give up access to the account and is posting without consent. She notes Markie’s IG was a “special place” where he would connect with his friends, and she wants to respect and honor that legacy.

“I kindly request your support and solidarity during this time,” Hall wrote. “If you have any fond memories, photos, or messages you’d like to share about Biz Markie, please feel free to do so and tag to keep his memory alive. We are seeking assistance from the Instagram community and the wider hip-hop family to raise awareness about this situation. Together, we can ensure that Biz Markie’s digital presence remains a place of love, positivity, and remembrance.”


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