As his sentencing began, the court was back in session for Tory Lanez on Monday. In a statement by Megan Thee Stallion, the rap superstar says she cannot be in a room with Lanez and has yet to find peace.

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Thee Stallion’s statement revealed that not only is she still reeling from the trauma, Lanez has yet to take responsibility for his actions. According to TMZ, Hot Girl Meg stated first, Lanez attempted to blame the system and is not attempting to use childhood trauma as an excuse.

Lanez was supposed to receive his sentence on Monday, but the hearing will continue on Tuesday as time ran over. Prosecutors want Lanez to serve 13 years.


Tory Lanez‘s legal team continues to push for reduced sentencing. Instead of time in jail, Lanez is seeking probation and a drug treatment program.

Providing updates on the court case is Law&Crime reporter Meghann Cuniff who states Lanez’s attorneys, Jose Baez and Ed Welbourn, filed a 41-page memo detailing reasons for the shooting. The two-state Lanez was battling alcoholism and included a report from a psychologist in jail citing a traumatic childhood as aiding the condition. During that childhood, his mother passed away at age 11, and living in a “crack-infested” neighborhood.

The report also states that after Lanez became successful, he leaned on alcohol and weed to deal with his past. The team also pointed to Lanez’s community service as a reason.

DJ Akademiks still isn’t convinced that Tory Lanez shot Megan Thee Stallion. Sitting with Vlad TV, Ak revealed that he understands the verdict but still has questions.

“I thought he didn’t do it,” Akademiks said. “I’m a little doubtful, but the verdict is the verdict. I think the people who were reporting at court at that time were biased based on what they already though.”

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