August marks Play Football Month, and the NFL is kicking it off with a spirited youth flag football campaign titled “Let’s Play,” starring none other than Minnesota Vikings wide receiver and newly appointed Global Flag Football Ambassador Justin Jefferson. The campaign aims to ignite the passion for flag football among kids and teens, transcending age and gender barriers while showcasing the sport’s athleticism and emerging talents.

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“I’m very honored to play a role in the NFL’s ‘Let’s Play’ campaign to help bring attention to the great game of flag football and showcase how much fun it is and that anyone and everyone can play,” said Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver. “As a Global Flag Football Ambassador, I truly believe in this sport and want to show kids why it’s one of the fastest growing games out there.”

“It doesn’t get much better than working with Justin, one of the league’s best NFL players, to show that flag is fun, fast and inclusive, but then integrating authentic fans with great football stories, like Deestroying and Jada Vick, just takes it to the next level,” said MARISSA SOLIS, SVP Global Brand and Consumer Marketing at the NFL. “Flag is the embodiment of ‘football is for everyone,’ and we are continuing to show that year round, from this pre-season campaign up to The Pro Bowl Games, where the league’s best will play action-packed flag football.”


The vibrant video unfolds in a high school setting, with Jefferson seizing the intercom to challenge students who are perceived as “too much,” “too bold,” “too loud,” or “not loud enough.” These same individuals then dazzle on the field, revealing the game’s fast-paced intensity, competitiveness, and sheer fun. Synced to the upbeat beats of “Superhero” by METRO BOOMIN, the ad stars actual youth flag players, alongside notable appearances from YouTube sensation Deestroying, Quavo, Mark Philips, U.S. Women’s team flag football quarterback Vanita Krouch, and NFL legend Michael Vick and daughter Jada, who is a rising quarterback with a full scholarship to Reinhardt University.

Flag football’s global appeal is undeniable, engaging over 20 million enthusiasts in more than 100 countries across continents. Its inclusive and accessible nature, appealing to all ages and genders, is key to its remarkable growth, with women and girls playing a pivotal role.

The NFL has announced that the 2024 Pro Bowl Games will occur in Orlando, Florida. This annual event was redesigned last year to focus on flag football, with Pro Bowl players engaging in AFC vs. NFC flag games. Alongside these games, the NFL FLAG Championships will be presented in collaboration with RCX Sports. This championship will include top youth flag teams from the United States and an International Division featuring teams from around the world, reflecting the game’s growing global popularity.

In a groundbreaking move, the NFL recently organized the Flag All 32 Summer Invitational, a two-day tournament held in Washington, D.C. This event featured NFL FLAG youth teams from across the nation competing in two flag football leagues: 14U Coed and 17U Girls, with each league comprising 32 teams, each representing a different NFL club. This invitational marked a historic moment as all NFL clubs participated in a unified youth event aimed at promoting flag football.

“The NFL celebrates youth and high school football throughout the year,” said SARAH BISHOP, VP of Brand and Consumer Marketing at the NFL. “Through camps, activities, and NFL Flag and tackle leagues, our Play Football initiative provides a fun, engaging experience for players of all ages and skill levels, equipping young people with key life skills that are building blocks to success on and off the field.”

Justin Jefferson proudly joins the roster of NFL Global Flag Football Ambassadors, a team consisting of male and female athletes, Legends, coaches, and officials. United in their mission, they’re amplifying the profile of this swiftly expanding sport, championing its unique values and fostering its global ascent.