This week Canadian rapper Tory Lanez was sentenced to 10 years in state prison following his conviction for shooting Houston rapper Megan the Stallion. Lanez was found guilty on gun possession charges and now his lawyer is saying his client feels low and is having a hard time processing the sentence.

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TMZ reports:

Tory’s defense attorney, Jose Baez, tells TMZ his client is feeling pretty low right now after having the book thrown at him. We’re told Tory is having a hard time processing the sentence, but Baez also says despite that … Tory’s made it clear to him he’s going to remain strong and deal with his time behind bars as best as he can.


Jose says Tory is leaning on his faith in God, the support of his friends/family and the indignation his supporters around the world are expressing — many of whom are loudly lamenting the stiff punishment.

Baez says Tory was hoping the judge would show mercy — especially with the number of people who went to bat for him in court, including some celebs. We’re told the reason there’s so much outcry for Tory is because he was genuinely loved in the community … as he’d done a lot to give back over the years.

In the meantime, Baez insists an appeal is coming.