Triller Is Not What You Think It Is. It Is So Much More.

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Triller is preparing to debut on the New York Stock Exchange. This will be a major shift in the digital landscape. Triller is backed by a number of celebrities, including Swizz Beatz and Ashanti. Other shareholders include T-Pain (Russell Westbrook), Troy Carter, The Weekend with Lil Wayne, Marshmello (Alicia Keys), Rick Ross, Metallica, Snoop Dogg, John Legend, E-40, Miguel, Doja cat, Ty Dolla Sign, Bebe Rexha, Ludacris, Gucci Mane, Ja Rule, J What makes Triller so compelling?

Amplify is the advanced AI developed by Triller, which has been adopted by many prominent business entities, including Verizon, Nike and Activision. Triller’s value proposition is based on the convergence of celebrity power with colossal brands associations.


Triller might seem at first glance like another social media competitor aiming to dethrone platforms such as TikTok. Its essence is much more profound. Triller’s AI has been embedded into major social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Triller’s Amplify AI is integrated into platforms via the native messenger. The results are clear. It outperforms almost every other digital marketing and advertising campaign for brands today, with engagement rates as high as 70 percent. Amplify is often referred to as “ChatGPT” for brands, and its list of brands is impressive. They include Verizon Nike Activision Hulu DAZN Nissan L’Oreal NYX Comedy Central Universal WWE Pepsi P&G NuBank Mini SBi Bank HBO Max Glamnetic Walmart McDonald’s Coca-Cola Neutrogena Disney Puma Google Lange Beauty HINT TiVo Mike’s Hard Lemonade Victoria Beer CBS Logitech Dr. Pepper Paramount Sony and many others.

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Triller’s most valuable  is its revolutionary AI system, originally known as Amplify.AI. The company acquired this system. This revolutionary technology has fundamentally changed the landscape of digital interactions, transforming the worlds of social media advertising, marketing, and user experience. Triller’s AI, with its self-learning abilities and remarkable adaptability facilitates unprecedented interactivity across all major social media platforms including Facebook, Snapchat Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and YouTube. This highly innovative technology, which is currently driving over 750 million interactions every quarter, not only enhances the user experience but also   monetization options for each interaction. This contributes to Triller’s impressive growth trajectory. Triller’s AI machine is a powerful driver of growth and valuation, drawing parallels with the industry leader Open.AI which was recently valued $23 Billion.

Triller has over 2.2 million creators and over 25,000 brands. It has also successfully streamed more than 3000 events. These impressive numbers are only part of the story.

Triller’s real value is in the unparalleled engagement and connection that its AI provides to brands. Triller is a unique brand tool with an average engagement rate exceeding 41%, an average opt-in  of 36%, an ave3rage message open rate average of 85% and an average click-through rate of 24%.

Comparatively, the average engagement rate of Instagram brand posts is just 1.9%. The average opt-in for SMS marketing is 4.0%, and the CTR average for display ads is 0.5%. Triller’s exceptional performance has revolutionized the social media marketing industry, giving brands a new platform to reach and engage their target audience.

Influencer marketing played a crucial role in Triller’s transformational journey. Triller’s position as a dominant player in this field has been cemented by its lucrative partnerships with top-tier influencers around the world. Triller’s prominence in the industry has been further enhanced by the acquisition and development of Julius, an influential marketing platform which connects  25,000 brands to a network of over 2.2 million influencers. Julius is a virtual marketplace that’s used by some of the largest corporations in the world. It facilitates collaborations between brands, influencers, and other brands.

This isn’t just a case of good luck or celebrity endorsements. Triller’s technological marvel is led by industry giants like Joseph Smarr who was the former CTO of Google Assistant and Mahi de Silva, Triller CEO, who was a founding member of Versign, the company that helped create the mobile Internet. De Silva, a Silicon Valley veteran with a number unicorn exits, is well respected in the community.

Triller’s multi-dimensional approach is reflected in its omnipresence on social media. The platform envisioned, produced owned and produced the most successful digital PPV in history the Tyson VS Jones Pay-per-View event in 2019 demonstrated its potential. The platform’s ambitions are further emphasized when looking at key acquisitions such as BKFC. BKFC is a formidable competitor to the UFC which is valued at $10 billion. Triller’s purchase of puts it in direct competition against DAZN which is reportedly worth over $4 billion.

Triller, while having a social media platform, does not aim to be a rival to Instagram and Twitter. Instead it aims to add value to other social media platforms. Its business model does not encourage users to stay on the platform. Instead, it uses triller to “onboard” users, 550,000,000 registered users to be precise, and then encourages them to continue with their usual activities on social media networks. Triller’s AI shines in this area, connecting brands and customers on other social media platforms. Triller is often misunderstood because it doesn’t try to keep its users in its “garden”, but rather sends them outside to other social media networks so that Triller AI embedded there can do its magic.

The valuation comparisons offer fascinating insights. ChatGPT, an AI-based tool that is widely used, has a value of $28 billion. Amplify is often called the “ChatGPT of brands” and has similar potential. Triller is preparing for a massive public offering when you consider the valuations of platforms such as the UFC and DAZN. The UFC is valued at $10 Billion, and DAZN is valued at $3.5 Billion.

Triller’s ambitions are not limited to social media or combat sports. It understands the importance of influencers, especially in today’s digital world. 

Triller is the future of digital interactions. It combines the worlds of sports, entertainment, influencer marketing and AI-driven tech. Its impending listing on the NYSE represents more than just a regular listing. It is the culmination of celebrity power, brand power, technological innovation, and influence. Triller is preparing to go public and the endorsements it has received, as well as its strategic acquisitions, hint at a trajectory that will redefine the digital world.

Triller’s Financials. Triller has shown steady growth from a pre revenue company that was only founded 3 years ago, to more than growing its revenue by over seven times for over $55 Million on 2022 and projected to break $100 Million in 2023. When compared to platforms like TikTok, which sold for 1 billion with zero revenue, or even ChatGPT which was achieving 10 billion plus valuations before any meaningful revenue, Triller certainly is showing it has potential to compete with the big boys. In analyzing its number of monetizable interactions Triller is showing that it is not just looking to grow its reach but focusing on a steady revenue growth by organically converting interactions into transactions. A screenshot of a cell phone

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Triller is a proven AI that drives engagement, purchases, and helps brands, creators, and influencers connect and transact. Triller owns the largest combat sports hub, where it has proven that its AI is able break records and set new trends. Triller has dominated content, commerce creators and combat sports. It is the owner of the largest combat sports hub where it has proven using its AI that it can break records and set trends.