As hip-hop marks its monumental 50th anniversary on August 11, Apple Music is joining the celebration with a series of exciting initiatives that pay homage to the genre’s legacy. To honor this pivotal milestone and in collaboration with Apple Music’s yearlong tribute to hip-hop’s founding figures, the platform is making hard-to-find, iconic hip-hop mixtapes available for streaming for the first time.

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Listeners can now groove to DJ mixtape legend Kid Capri’s legendary creations, including “52 Beats,” “Old School R&B Vol.2,” and “10/9/89,” within Apple Music’s exclusive Hip-Hop DNA collection. This curated collection also features a range of audio specials, exclusive DJ Mixes, handpicked classic records, and essential playlists that capture the essence of hip-hop’s diverse and influential soundscape.

“Hip-hop is an unstoppable cultural force and the most dominant genre on Apple Music,” said Ebro Darden, Apple Music’s global editorial head of Hip-Hop and R&B. “We wanted to make sure that we paid homage, paid respect, and that we did a great job capturing these stories. Our aim is to make sure that they’re archived for people to go back and listen to for years to come. The future of hip-hop is bright. Here’s to the next 50.”


Apple Music Radio offers an immersive journey through the genre’s evolution with “Hip-Hop DNA,” a captivating four-part, 20-episode narrative radio series. Hosted by Darden, this series weaves together the tapestry of hip-hop’s evolution, from its Origins across iconic regional scenes like the Bronx, Compton, Atlanta, the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, and beyond, to the MCs, Producers, and DJs who have left an indelible mark on its history.

As the global hip-hop community joins in commemorating this cultural milestone, Apple Music’s initiatives stand as a testament to the genre’s enduring impact, influence, and vibrant legacy.