With Summer 2023 well underway, it’s only right for Tyga and Kalan.FrFr to join forces. The two Compton natives recently released the official music video for “BUTTERFLY COUPE,” a certified banger for any occasion. 

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Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, Kalan.FrFr states, “I was at the studio just thinking of how I could hurt people’s feelings. You know, like pulling up to the club in a coupe with butterfly doors, stunting on people. Hitmaka and OG Parker played the beat at a session and wanted me on it, I was feeling it. Hitmaka really brings the energy out of artists when we’re in the room. Then I hit Tyga to see if he wanted to be on the track and he told me to send the record. Boom, the rest is history.”

This is what happens when two fire West Coast artists collide. Directed by Diego, the song’s official music video sees both artists bringing the song to life amidst endless beautiful women. Of course, they had to have the butterfly coupes in the building.


Kalan.FrFr states, “Diego Cruz is a true visionary. He’s not from the West Coast, he’s from Detroit but he gets it and was able to really conceptualize the car culture of Los Angeles. We had McLarens, Lambos and a Drift Car all coupes with butterfly doors to reflect the lyrics. We brought in beautiful women and had a party vibe. Tyga kept asking when we were going to shoot the video, he was excited about doing it.”

Fans can look forward to Kalan.FrFr’s forthcoming album, with “BUTTERFLY COUPE” just being the beginning.