Global music sensation French Montana has set the music industry abuzz with his latest partnership with gamma., a groundbreaking artist-first multimedia platform that offers innovative creative and business solutions across diverse artistic and commercial realms.

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This monumental collaboration is unveiled alongside the release of French Montana’s anthemic single and accompanying video, “Good Summer.” The track masterfully weaves the timeless allure of Wayne Wonder’s legendary hit “No Letting Go” with the vibrant groove of Nuskie’s “New Orleans Bounce.” The result is a sonic masterpiece that resonates with listeners soulfully while igniting their inner desire to dance and celebrate.

With an impressive track record of 40 billion digital streams and counting, Montana’s musical prowess has garnered immense global acclaim. gamma.’s executive leadership, renowned for their strong connections in the African-born music scene, recognizes Montana’s extraordinary talent and universal appeal. “Good Summer” is set to become a summer anthem, capturing the essence of euphoric nostalgia and carefree joy that defines the season.


“I have known French for over ten years, and I am so excited to have him at our company as he is a true multi-disciplinary artist in keeping with the gamma. multi-disciplinary ethos,” said gamma. Co-founder & CEO Larry Jackson. “His new documentary is a 10, and his new music is equally awesome! French Montana, in my opinion, is also the best hip-hop A&R of the past decade. His ability to get the best out of his artists and producers alike is truly second to none. He continually mystifies me with how he continues to A&R and produce diamond single after diamond single. He’s a real deal triple threat talent.”

“Larry, Breyon, and I go way back,” said Montana. “What he’s built over the years at Apple is unmatched in the music industry, which is why I signed with .gamma. The moves they are already making as a company since they launched is incredible, especially the innovative way they are tackling African-born artists and their music. Make sure you listen to my first release on .gamma, GOOD SUMMER, it’s a summer anthem for all ages to vibe to!”

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