Victoria Monét is turning up the heat on summer playlists with the sizzling new music video for her hit single “On My Mama.” The video, dripping with 2000s nostalgia, exudes Southern charm, featuring eye-catching lowriders, iconic Y2K street style, and nods to HBCU culture, complete with appearances from Black fraternities and sororities. Renowned choreographer Sean Bankhead’s dance routines add flair, while special cameos from Monét’s own mother and gifted 2-year-old daughter, Hazel Monét, add a heartwarming touch.

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Monét’s “On My Mama” is a musical slam dunk, seamlessly sampling Chalie Boy’s “I Look Good” and layering positive affirmations over infectious melodies, bold horns by Kyla Moscovich, and a bass-heavy beat produced by Deputy and Jeff Gitty. The result? Over 8 million streams in just a few weeks, solidifying the track as a summer anthem and propelling Monét further into the pop star stratosphere.

“‘On My Mama’ is the soundtrack to positive affirmations. I wrote it postpartum when I wasn’t feeling my best, but spoke to how I wanted to feel. Singing the lyrics about yourself will change your frequency, and elevate a positive mental state. The words speak not only to physical features, but to a feeling too because I believe when you feel good you look even better! Give yourself the words you need to hear because it’s true, you look good! There’s no one like you and that’s on ya mama. Enjoy being yourself witcha fine ass!” 

– Victoria Monét

The release of “On My Mama” marks the final countdown to Monét’s highly anticipated debut album, JAGUAR II, slated for release on Aug. 25th. Following in the footsteps of her previous hits “Party Girls” featuring Buju Banton and “Smoke” featuring Lucky Daye, Monét’s unmistakable talent continues to captivate audiences, leaving them eagerly awaiting her next sonic masterpiece.