The Museum of Graffiti proudly announces the VIP Grand Opening Celebration of “TRANSPARENT” – a solo exhibition by the visionary Shanghai-based artist and Chinese painter Vance DNA. This new body of work offers a fresh perspective on style straight from Shanghai. The opening is set for September 9, 2023, from 6PM – 9PM.

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Born in Jiangsu, China in 1990, Vance DNA’s artistic journey began early with landscape painting lessons at the age of ten. His love for American rap music and break dancing flourished as a teenager when he discovered hip hop. At 14, inspired by his experience as a b-boy and a pivotal Wu-Tang CD adorned with intricate graffiti art, he ventured into the world of graffiti. Merging his traditional painting lessons with contemporary influences, Vance developed a unique approach, creating large-scale hyper-realistic murals and oil paintings. His works showcase a rich blend of light and shadow, Western animation, and a fascination with materials like glass and ice. All these elements culminate in the art that nostalgically celebrates his youth, backed by a lifetime of honed skill and discipline.

With “TRANSPARENT”, Vance DNA brings to life transparent figures that convey a poignant message: the urge for authenticity and the call to embrace the true reflection one wishes to see. This exhibition is a testament to his multi-faceted talents, blending pop culture, fine art techniques, and unmatched attention to detail.


Vance DNA is not only the only member of the world-famous graffiti crew DNA in Asia but also a proud member of Thailand’s MSV crew. His global recognition is evident as he has showcased his art and painted murals in numerous countries, including the US, Thailand, Philippines, Bulgaria, Japan, Macau, South Korea, Indonesia, Mauritius, Germany, and Australia over the past decade.

“We are immensely pleased to host Vance DNA and showcase his innovative and evocative art,” says Alan Ket, co-founder of the Museum of Graffiti. “His creations go beyond artistry, striking a chord with the very essence of human authenticity and introspection.”

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