Would you believe someone if they told you that a book had the power to change the way Americans think about credit? Well, you should, because someone wrote a book that did. The founder of The Great American Credit Secret noticed an issue that needed to be solved—Americans don’t know enough about credit to navigate through life debt-free.  

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In writing The Great American Credit Secret, author and credit professional Antoine Sallis, brought a wealth of information to those who need it most. He created a book to follow up his popular TedTalk about the inequality that exists in credit information. Not only did Antoine Sallis write the book that contained the answer to the problem, but that book went on to become a best-seller upon its launch!

In this article, we will discuss the success of the best-selling book titled The Great American Credit Secret and how its creators sought to change the lives of millions of Americans by opening their eyes to the reality of an educational deficit in finance.


The Great American Credit Secret was written as an expansion on a TedTalk, and it immediately became clear that fans of the TedTalk were interested in hearing more. Just one day after the book version of The Great American Credit Secret was announced, the book climbed directly to #1 in new releases. The announcement came on May 29th, in reference to the birthdate of founder and author Antoine Sallis, May 29, 1982. 

The early success was astounding, signaling that there was more positive attention yet to come. Surprising no one, the release of The Great American Credit Secret earned the book the title of best-seller within a week of its launch. The extraordinary show of support for the book was indicative of a public that wanted to know more about how credit worked and how that knowledge could completely change their lives. 

Following the success of the book, Antoine Sallis decided to push the program one step further, deciding to offer an online course that helped serve as a guide for those who wanted to fix their financial situations and build generational wealth. The upcoming course is geared up to be just as successful if not more.  All in all, The Great American Credit Secret brand has shown tremendous success, from the TedTalk to the now bestselling book.

Why Should You Read The Great American Credit Secret

Readers agree that the book version of The Great American Credit Secret does an excellent job of expanding on the ideas of the TedTalk. The book discusses how the system is set up for those who lack a financial education to fail. Additionally, it also describes the secret behind credit, how people can solve their credit issues, pay down debt, and even put themselves into a position to take out loans to start businesses and buy their own homes. 

The Great American Credit Secret has the goal of helping to uplift those stuck in generational poverty and, in one generation, change the trajectory of families across America. It just takes one parent to learn the secret behind credit and teach their children how to manage their finances in a way that sets them up for success. 

By bringing this information, that has previously only been available to those already wealthy directly to all who want it, Antoine Sallis is closing the gap in financial education that divides Americans. The Great American Credit Secret does an excellent job of starting an individual’s path to financial success and a smart way of managing money.