The NFL, in partnership with NTERTAIN Studios and NEON16 music label led by industry luminaries TAINY and LEX BORRERO, has unveiled an expanded collaboration for the 2023 season. Entering its third year, the venture will encompass a dynamic multimedia content series merging music and artists from NEON16 with custom social video content. This project serves as a testament to the NFL’s dedication to diversity and inclusivity, uniting the passion for music and football shared by current NFL Latino players and emerging NEON16 music talents.

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“Music is a leading passion point for Latinos, and we feel this partnership is an ideal platform for celebrating our Latino players and connecting more deeply with our fans,” said JAVIER FARFAN, Cultural Strategist at the NFL. “This content series brings together the commonalities of artists and athletes and their inspirational stories from humble beginnings, as they reach the top of their careers and their goal of stardom. Working with NTERTAIN and NEON16 allows us to authentically tell these stories with the creative vision of tastemakers at the forefront of Latino culture, music and entertainment.”

This season’s initiative spotlights a unique creative endeavor, as Latino NFL players and rising NEON16 stars join forces to craft an original song and music video, channeling their authentic enthusiasm for music, football, and community. The inaugural track, “NIVEL #0B,” produced by Dominican talent RMAND from Netflix’s reality music competition show “La Firma,” draws inspiration from RMAND’s collaboration with Miami Dolphins wide receiver BRAXTON BERRIOS, of Puerto Rican heritage. Set for release during Week 3 of the NFL regular season, the track will lead up to the Miami Dolphins’ Latino Heritage Month game and home opener on September 24th. A second full-length track, a product of another player and artist collaboration, will premiere later in the season, joining the RMAND/Berrios composition in this season’s Por La Cultura Anthem songs.


“We loved the concept of having our artists collaborate with Latino NFL players to create something as unique as an original song,” said LEX BORRERO, Co-Founder and CEO of NTERTAIN and NEON16. “While both share Latino heritage, we know that artists and athletes also share a common drive to succeed, the talent to shine and the work ethic to thrive in their respective careers. Unifying these traits and the mutual love and respect for music has led to some incredible art that we can’t wait to share with fans this season.”

Along with two other NEON16 artists, Nashy-Nashai and Alex Ponce, RMAND is featured in this year’s NFL Shop advertisement, which is also scored by a NEON16 rhythm. This is in addition to the multimedia content series highlighting NFL Latino players. The NFL and its 32 clubs will use four songs created by hitmakers at NEON16 as part of their 2023 season soundtrack.

“With more than 31 million NFL fans in the United States, there is no doubt that Latinos continue to fall in love with the sport of football every day,” said MARISSA SOLIS, NFL SVP Global Brand and Consumer Marketing. “We want to inspire Latinos with the lyrics and melodies created by these talented NEON16 artists in the same way they get excited for a perfectly executed pass and catch for a touchdown. This partnership unifies the heroes of stage and sport through their common bond as Latinos representing ‘por la cultura.’”

Last year, the NFL and NEON16 unveiled the first-ever Por La Cultura Mixtape: Volume 1 under the direction of multi-platinum-selling artists One Six and hitmaker Tainy. The compilation included unique tracks that captured the excitement and essence of Latino culture while celebrating the game’s sounds in new, contemporary ways. It was fronted by chart-topping artists Will.I.Am, Anthony Ramos, El Alfa, Yandel, Snow Tha Product, Trueno, and others were flanked by top producers Albert Hype, Jodosky, and Chael.

The collaboration included 10 original songs, including the popular song “Rómpela” with Yandel, El Alfa, and Will.I.Am. It also served as the soundtrack for the NFL’s “Por La Cultura” campaign piece, “The Celebration.” The NEON16 artists of this season will create Anthem songs, music videos, and a social series with some of the most important Latino NFL players to further the collaboration. Throughout the season, the music was utilized at the league and club levels to improve in-game components, marketing activations, and social media content, among other things.

Since its beginning in 2021, when artists like Jodosky, Kris Floyd, and Alvaro Diaz attended numerous NFL games as invited guests of the League, the NFL’s connection with NTERTAIN Studios and NEON16 has developed.