Tee Morant, the father of Ja Morant, was speaking at the Up Next Elite Camp in New Orleans and was letting players know how their decisions will impact them. During the conversation, Morant revealed his son’s suspension is a result of his actions.

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“Make sure anytime y’all anywhere, know the capabilities of everybody around you,” Tee Morant said. “My son didn’t get in trouble for the people around him, he got in trouble for his decisions so, always be mindful of every decision y’all make. Because, it could pretty much, take over you and can consume you and make you think that you’re who you’re not.”

Morant added, “The smallest thing you can do can make the biggest difference in your life.”


Recently, Ja Morant got some new ink. Hitting Instagram, @Ortega_Ink has displayed Morant’s new tattoo, a back-spanning piece that brings in his Nike logo, AAU team, jersey number, and logos associated with Kobe Bryant. One portion of his back is the number “24” with “Mentality” inked across the top.

Additional parts of the tattoo are the Memphis Grizzlies logo, his home state of South Carolina, and the words “Life’s a Gamble.”