he highly popular sports talk show, “It Is What It Is” hosted by Cam’ron GilesMason (Ma$e) Betha, and Treasure “Stat Baby” Wilson, signed an eight-figure deal with popular sports betting platform Underdog Fantasy. Their partnership will last for eighteen months. 

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The “It Is What It Is” show, under Giles’ Come And Talk 2 Me network, will be back in the first week of September after a successful first season earlier in the year. The sports talk show featured guests in hip-hop and sports culture with the likes of Ice Cube, Stephen A Smith, Paul Pierce, Andre Drummond, Brandon Marshall, and more. The two New York rap legends and the analytic hostess creates a perfect blend of cutting-edge journalism with the delivery from a robust New York culture.  

The Brooklyn-based sports platform, Underdog Fantasy, has cosigned other major sports platforms like Gil’s Arena hosted by former NBA player Gilbert Arenas. It’s a fast-rising sports betting platform available in most states. One can start making bets at eighteen (except for MA and AZ where you have to be 21+, and AL & NE where you have to be 19+).


“Thank you Nick (Nicholas Green of Underdog Fantasy),” says Giles, “We appreciate you seeing the true value of ‘It is What it Is.’”