When one thinks of celebrity superstars, one typically thinks of those who grace the silver screen. Yet a new star in the city of Los Angeles is attracting the attention of the hottest celebrities and most powerful influencers. Dr. Ryan Savage, DDS, has become the go-to dentist for the best veneers in LA and Orange County.

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A trailblazer who combines artistic flair with medical precision, he has redefined the world of dental care with what’s quickly becoming the gold standard: the #SAVAGESMILE. In so doing, he’s become known as the Smile Makeover GOAT. “I’ve become the best in the game at what I do. A Savage Smile is the brand designer smile to have,” asserts Dr. Savage, with a confidence that only 15 years in the industry can bring.

Born into a family of medical professionals, Dr. Savage always dreamed of merging his innate artistic passion with medical prowess. Dentistry, for him, became that bridge. Not one to fit the status quo, he imagined a world of dentistry that was anything but conventional. His deviation from family tradition wasn’t a rebellion. It was a revolution that resulted in taking dental care where it had never gone before—from enduring treatments to enjoying an unparalleled experience. He envisioned a dental sanctuary where comfort meets beauty—a place he fondly named “Savage Smiles.”


But with this vision came challenges. The most daunting? Assembling the dream team for Savage Smiles. “It took years of prioritizing the user experience and developing the culture in the practice to create an environment where clients feel at ease,” Dr. Savage reflects. Today, he proudly leads a team that delivers a Savage Smile every single time.

Setting foot in Dr. Savage’s clinic is an experience in itself. The energy, music, and vibe all scream ‘unique.’ This is not just any dental clinic. This is the dental disruption. As Dr. Savage puts it, “The combination of the laughing gas, music, and amazing people makes the experience nearly euphoric. You can relax and chill while your beautiful new smile is being crafted.”

Dr. Savage’s reimagined dentistry has caught the eye of major brands. Currently in negotiations with Colgate to be their partnered dentist and brand ambassador, his career is shining brighter than ever. But what does the future hold?

Dr. Savage sees a future where his practice is recognized as the premiere destination for perfect smiles. From guest appearances on TV shows as the dental health expert to partnering with leading brands in the dental space like Invisalign and Listerine, he’s setting his sights high. “I see myself continuing to create confidence for my clients, one smile at a time,” Dr. Savage explains. He dreams of sharing his wisdom, perhaps even through a Savage Institute, mentoring the next generation of dentists to deliver confidence-building smiles globally.

However, for now, Dr. Savage remains a top influencer dentist and the best dentist in Orange County. He has also redefined the veneer game with his expertise in porcelain veneers, Emax veneers, and other dental reconstructions.

If you’re ready to embark on your transformative journey, the process is easy.  Start your virtual consultation today. Simply DM “Savage Smile” to @ryansavagedds on IG. When it comes to veneers, there should only be one name on your list: Ryan Savage, DDS. Don’t even think about it. Just go.

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