Skip Bayless is adding to Lil Wayne as his run of new partners. Joining Skip Bayless on Undisputed beginning Monday (Aug. 28) are Richard Sherman, Keyshawn Johnson, and Michael Irvin.

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Skip Bayless confirmed the additions, which he calls the “new dream team” on X.

Lil Wayne was previously announced as the Friday co-host for FS1’s Undisputed, pairing Weezy F baby with his friend Skip Bayless.


According to Bayless, Wayne will be featured for 15 minutes but could remain on the show longer if he gets hot during the debate. Wayne is also delivering a new theme song for the show.

“He is so deep when it comes to sports,” Skip said. “He doesn’t yell or scream, but he does get emotional. And you hang on his every word because, trust me, he has thought through every single word.”

He added, “That’s why I love him so much. That’s why we text so much about sports. We’re kindred spirits, but we do see things differently, but very deeply.”

Lil Wayne created the theme music for ths daily sports tlak show. You can hear it from Skip below.