On the first day of 2023, fans learned that Gangsta Boo, a former member of the rap group 3-6 Mafia passed away. It was later revealed that her untimely death was the cause of an accidental overdose.

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Now 3-6 Mafia member Crunchy Black claims Gangsta’s Boo death was no accident.

In a series of posts shared on Instagram Crunchy Black blames Gangsta Boo’s brother based on a letter he received from the brother’s former cellmate.


He posted the caption:
God is good he sent me this to post and sure against the boo brother we on your ass he was in jail y’all talking about how he hate her how he going to do something to her if anybody f*** with boo you know she had a good heart things that she couldn’t do she wouldn’t going to do it things that she could do you can depend on her being there for you I’m being there for my friend get it how you live or don’t live at all miss you love you just like I miss my daughter #M4L #HHMG #MICHIGAN #MEMPHIS10 #Memphis #BOO #MISSISSIPPI ##DETROIT #MIAMI #CRUNCHYBLAC #CHICAGO # I won’t smoke @gangster BOO @missyeahoe yeah hoe ✡✡✡ if you f*** with Gangsta boom or the Three 6 Mafia make sure you share and repost this and repost it sure this and repost it

I’m Never Scared and I want Justin for Gangster boo b**** ass n**** kill this sister because she wasn’t able to do things for his b**** ass when he was in jail it wasn’t her fault that a n**** don’t want to get out of here and work for something to have something like she was doing and you want a grown man want a grown woman to take care of him just because that’s his sister kill your f****** self feed your f****** self work your f****** self lame ass n****# I want all the smoke cell repost share this and repost this


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