Several news publications have reported that former NYC Mayor Rudy Guliani was indicted along with several other defendants for allegedly rigging Georgia’s 2020 Presidential election in which Joe Biden was named the country’s new President after defeating Donald Trump in several key swing states.

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After surrendering to authorities in Georgia, Guliani was booked at the Fulton County Jail and charged with violating Georgia’s RICO Act, soliciting the violation of oath of office, making false statements, and conspiracy to impersonate a public officer. His bond was set at $150K, and protesters gathered outside of the Atlanta courthouse to await the arrival of Former President Donald Trump.

Guliani’s mugshot has made its rounds on the internet, including several memes that poke fun at the fact that the former New York Mayor was indicted under the same law he created to dismantle organized crime families in the ’70s and ’80s.


The Georgia trial for Guliani and the other defendants, including Trump, has not yet been scheduled as more indictments are expected to come before the trial begins. will update this story as more details develop.