A shocking video shared online shows a baby crowd-surfing during rapper Flo Rida’s performance at the Celebrate Erie Festival in Pennsylvania, US on Saturday. 

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In the video posted on X (formerly Twitter), the baby is seen being passed across the top of the crowd from one hand to another. The video shows Flor Rida gesturing for the baby and then grabbing him as he finishes the song. Later, the baby appeared on stage with another member of the band, who held him above his head in a Lion King style as the crowd erupted into applause and cheers.

Since being posted, the video has generated mixed views from fans. While some criticized the parents for bringing a young baby to the concert, others found crowd surfing to be cute.


“Omg? Why do people feel so comfortable bringing babies to concerts? Like so many things could go wrong in such a big crowd,” one fan commented on the video.

Another pointed out that the baby’s not wearing protective headgear: “Poor baby doesn’t even have hearing protection on.”

However, others argued that the interaction could be memorable for the baby.

“So cute, the baby was like ‘yeah pass me that mic,’” commented one fan.

Another added: “Yes but also this will be the coolest documented memory of this person’s life”


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