Experience the future of music in “I Found It,” where La Shana Latrice pushes the boundaries of creativity and redefines the music industry. Growing up in a Jamaican family in Birmingham, UK, La Shana Latrice found her love for the UK sound system and culture at a young age. La Shana Latrice began as a model in her early career, and after gaining significant traction, she discovered that her true passion was musical creation. Since 2019, La Shana Latrice has been perfecting her art, and her most recent single, “I Found It,” shows that her talent is not to be reckoned with.

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La Shana Latrice has been very active over the past year. Before her single, “I Found It,” La Shana Latrice released her sophomore album, “Faith,” demonstrating her incredible vocal range. “I Found It” embodies the essence of the Gospel, R&B/Soul music, infusing a cinematic and anthem-like feeling. Composed of heart-stirring lyrics and harmonies, it blends the song with an overarching message, which forges a deeper connection between La Shana Latrice and her listeners. “I Found It” is a motivational anthem, encouraging its listeners to discover their inspiration to do what they want. La Shana Latrice elaborates, “‘I Found It’ aims to inspire listeners to tap into what lies within them and not stop until they’ve found it.”

The incredible instrumental of “I Found It” was produced by the duo, Those Guys, consisting of Amore Jones and Jeremiah Adkins. Notably, Amore Jones also crafted the lyrics for “I Found It,” which La Shana Latrice elevated to a higher plane through her euphonious, passionate, and sincere singing.


While La Shana Latrice may be categorized as an emerging artist, her track record contains significant achievements, having collaborated with several prominent artists. Primarily, she secured Idris Elba’s feature on the remix of her single, “Let It Flow.” The anthem, “I Found It,” is a prelude of what’s to come. La Shana Latrice plans to end the year on a high note with her upcoming EP.

Both fans and critics in the music industry have praised La Shana Latrice for her incredible talent. With every single that she releases, she empowers and captivates her fans. With her unwavering commitment to creating amazing music, there is no doubt that she will be a household name in the music industry. With a promising career ahead, La Shana Latrice will continue to inspire people worldwide; this is an artist that you do not want to miss.

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