The album that will change the game.

In a world where the hip hop scene is ever-evolving, a blazing star has risen from the heart of California to set the game on fire. Introducing TRUF, the audacious artist who has just detonated a musical grenade, “When The Last Time,” alongside the legendary Suga Free. Brace yourselves, for the West Coast is once again thrusting innovation into the spotlight, with TRUF leading the charge.

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With the city of angels as his backdrop, TRUF exudes a magnetic energy that’s impossible to ignore. The visuals for “When The Last Time” erupt with a kaleidoscope of creativity, weaving a narrative that’s both captivating and enigmatic. But this is not just another music video; it’s the declaration of a movement. As the sun dips beneath the horizon, TRUF rises, igniting a series titled “TRUF Be Told.” This groundbreaking venture doesn’t merely celebrate the vibrant tapestry of contemporary hip hop artists; it’s a reverent nod to the genre’s forefathers, an homage to half a century of rhythm and rhyme that has paved the way.

Yet, TRUF is no mere torchbearer; he’s a visionary in his own right. The incendiary anthem “When The Last Time” is a mere glimpse into the inferno he’s conjured over four intense years. Imagine over 200 tracks forged in the crucible of creativity, polished to perfection. Now imagine choosing only the elite 15 to compose his magnum opus. 


Aligned with the titans of Compound Interest, where DJ Quik reigns supreme, TRUF is poised to rewrite the rulebook. Collaborations with luminaries like The Game, Suga Free, and Boosie Badazz aren’t mere features; they’re a testament to the respect and recognition TRUF commands.

“This isn’t a rescue mission; it’s a revolution,” TRUF proclaims. His mission? To obliterate the status quo and resurrect authenticity. As the artist explains, “I want everybody to know that they are not alone, because I know it’s millions of people that think hip hop sucks now. I know it. I want them to know that I’m coming. I’m coming to save the day like f**king Batman. I am here to do real music, I’m here to go against the grain, none of my songs are going to sound like these other songs that are out right now. I’m just in a whole other lane.”

In an industry drowning in monotony, he sets out to emerge as the hip hop crusader, the sonic savior breathing life into a sound drowned in conformity. TRUF’s compositions are the antithesis of the norm, each note defying the cookie-cutter confines of the present.

So, heed the call, music aficionados and novices alike. The epoch of TRUF is upon us, and “When The Last Time” is just the beginning. Experience the inferno, embrace the revolution, and be part of the legacy he forges – a legacy undeniable, unstoppable, and unapologetic.

Check out photos from TRUF’s  single/video release party hosted by Los Angeles own and Power 106 DJ Carisma. This event is the kick off a lifestyle series called “TRUF Be Told”. 

“When The Last Time” ft. Suga Free

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