Tiffany Haddish keeps an entertaining story. Her latest details once owning an STD-sniffing dog.

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Haddish was a guest on Paris Hilton’s I Am Paris podcast and revealed that she had a dog named Dreamer who could throw the actress a hint if a date “was sick.”

“I believe she came to me to just let me know who has an STD,” Haddish said. “She let me know what dues to deal with, and what dudes not to deal with.”


Haddish stated the dog, a blue-nosed pitbull, would approach men as they came in the home and would sniff their genital area and butt. After the inspection, the dog would come to her if it sat and stayed, the man was believed to be good. “If she sat there and she started sneezing. I’m like, ‘Oh, he’s sick.’

Haddish stated it would create a necessary conversation, concluding in a trip to the clinic, which often resulted in a man testing positive.

You can hear the full episode below.