A fugitive Venezuelan drug trafficker known as Taliban has been dumped alive in the ocean with his hands zip-tied and an anchor around his waist in revenge for stealing 450 pounds of cocaine and cash from a cartel.

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In the shocking video shared online, Reinaldo Fuentes, 68, is seen with blood stains on the back of his head before his killers struggle to lift him over the side of a boat into the Caribbean Sea near Martinique. Fuentes is then dumped overboard and left to drown.

It was gathered that Fuentes, a middleman for the Venezuelan Clan del Cartel, earlier had dumped a shipment of narcotics worth $10 million at sea and fabricated a fake Coast Guard pursuit to explain not bringing the drugs back to his bosses and kept the cash.


He then went back out on the water to collect the cocaine, repackaged it, and took it to another Caribbean island.

Veteran journalism Rafael Tolentino revealed Monday on ‘Esto No Es Radio,’ a daily morning show in the Dominican Republic, that Fuentes obtained a fake national identification document that allowed him to live under the name of Miguel Fulcar in the Dominican Republic, making it impossible for him to be detected by authorities.

Fuentes allegedly controlled drug dealing in the Bonao neighborhood of Buenos Aires, where he picked up the ‘Taliban’ nickname due to illicit dealings with Middle Eastern drug traffickers.

Sources told Tolentino that Fuentes was murdered because he had been involved with stealing a multi-million-dollar cocaine shipment destined for Tortola, the largest of the British Virgin Islands.

Fuentes left his Dominican home and was lured to a cartel meeting at an unknown location on July 17. That is when he was kidnapped and dumped at sea later in the day.

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