Boosie Badazz flexes the Mercedes Benz he took back from his daughter in the video for “Ungrateful,” which he disses her mother. Boosie and his daughter have exchanged words over the past couple of days after Boosie took back the car after he was sued for child support.

“Baby mama, she done hit me with the child support
Ol’ dirty-ass b—h ’bout to lie in court
Well, that AMG Benz I’ma need that back
Won’t play it like that, you ain’t ’bout to keep that
Guess the b—h still mad ’cause her brother got wacked
This the same n—a f–ked your little sister in the cat
You sucked Bleek d—k while I f—ked you from the back
You ain’t never been s—t but a f—king hood rat”

– Boosie on “Ungrateful”

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After the single first dropped, Boosie’s daughter, Tori, stated he never was there for her mentally or physically.

Hitting Instagram, Boosie confirmed he told his daughter he would black her eye allegedly for having sex in a bathroom with boys at a football game. He doubled down on the matter: “I’ll say it again”