Singer Michel’le caused major concern last week at the Jazz On The Water Festival in Stockton, Calif. 
The 52-year-old R&B singer was performing her hit song “Something In My Heart” when she almost fell while dancing.

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The “No More Lies” singer stumbled across the stage causing fans to speculate.

The crowd attempted  to help her out by singing the song’s lyrics bodly. That’s when Michel’le passed the mic to a fan who appeared intoxicated


“No. You was supposed to sing,” Michel’le told the fan.

“I love y’all ’cause I’ve been enjoying myself,” she told the audience.

One TikTok user wrote: “This was hard to watch. My heart breaks for her.”

Another person wrote: “Lol ohh she drunk drunk.”

While a third person wrote: “Why would they allow this to continue?”

Michel’le took to Instagram to assure her fans she was OK.

“I wanna thank everyone of you who was concerned, or have inquired about my well being. I am FINE, and looking forward to my next show. Blessings & love to you all [wink emoji]. #Inevergiveup #yallknowimafighter.”

Watch the video below.

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