Launching a music career online or through social media may seem like the dream, but oversaturation can limit the amount of views and streams your music receives. It has always been difficult to break into the music industry, especially with obstacles like getting signed to a label, finding an agent, and building a fanbase. While the online music community can make those things easier, it can be difficult to cut through the overwhelming amount of talented artists out there. The DJ Connect App was launched to solve these issues and encourages new artists to connect with DJs and get their music heard.

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The DJ Connect App ensures mutual success for DJs and musical artists as they’ve long had close relationships that have benefitted them both. However, record labels and agents often fostered these relationships in the past. The DJ Connect App allows independent artists to form relationships with DJs independently. Through the DJ Connect App, artists and DJs with similar styles can collaborate and help each other achieve their goals.

Called the ultimate music distribution tool, the DJ Connect App is primarily about allowing artists to succeed outside of traditional record labels. Connecting with like-minded musicians and DJs will enable artists to strike out on their own. DJs are musical artists’ connection to their audience. DJs decide what music gets played, where, and when. Forming close relationships with DJs is a big step in any artist’s career that gives them access to a much wider audience. The DJ Connect App allows artists to control the distribution of their music and increase their reach, while DJs can discover new artists and reach new career highs.


Artists and DJs alike always want to grow their fanbases, and the DJ Connect App was launched with immediate success. The app was downloaded over 2,000 times on the app store within the first seven days. The DJ Connect App has also been recognized by famous artists like Erica Banks, who can be seen praising the app on the DJ Connect App Instagram page. The app is currently available through the Apple App Store and has a beta version in the works.

The DJ Connect App is not only for networking. It also offers a real-time review feature where artists can view live audiences reacting to their work. DJs can also leave video reviews of songs, detailing how their audiences responded to them when played. Artists can share how DJs and fans feel about their work straight to social media as well. The app allows for easy marketing for new artists and DJs.

Many artists are happy to stay independent of big record labels but are not well-versed in marketing themselves and taking their careers to the next level. The DJ Connect App bridges the gap between artists and DJs, helping artists expand their networks and form lasting relationships in the music industry. The online music scene is booming, with more and more artists becoming famous through social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. The DJ Connect App is just the next step for these independent artists to find mainstream success.

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