In an exclusive interview with Cam Capone News, Terror Squad general Fat Joe spoke about one of the most infamous, yet unbelievable stories about Death Row CEO Marion “Suge” Knight.

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After giving Suge his flowers for his tremendous contributions to Hip Hop culture, Joey Crack went on to explain why Knight was also such a problem in the game. Joe began, “At the end of the day, he did a lot of good things for Hip Hop, the man made $300 million legitly and got it taken from him…he lost his eyesight and eventually went to jail.” He continued about Knight, stating, ” Suge Knight is no different than O.J. Simpson. O.J. Simpson got away with some shit, but then went to get his own shit and went to jail. Some motherf*****s walking the earth know that if you slip on the wrong banana peel, they’re gonna give you 10,000 years.They got a bed waiting for you. it’s just what mistake are you going to make to get in that bed.”

Joe merged into a story about Terror Squad producers Cool and Dre at the BMI Awards in Los Angeles, where they both had their first run-in with the general of “the world’s most dangerous record label”. Both Cool and Dre noticed as they entered whatthey thought was the VIP entrance, that all of the attendees, including some famous, yet unnamed people, were being relieved of their jewelry at the door. At the door’s threshold was Suge Knight, who Joe says was “professionally” taking everyone’s shines. Because of their association with Joe, they were allowed to keep their jewels, but the Terror Squad producers felt guilty for being allowed to keep their ice.


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