In a strategic move to reach a broader audience, Team Biden-Harris 2024 will unveil its latest campaign ad, “Got to Work,” during Thursday’s NFL season opener between the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs. This marks the campaign’s first 2024 ad to air during an NFL game, signaling its intent to connect with a general election audience.

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“Got to Work” emphasizes President Biden’s remarkable economic achievements, showcasing his leadership in averting economic catastrophe while simultaneously reducing costs, revitalizing manufacturing, and generating well-paying jobs for the American people.

The ad will be broadcast in crucial battleground states, including Arizona (Phoenix), Georgia (Atlanta), Michigan (Detroit), Nevada (Las Vegas), North Carolina (Raleigh), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), and Wisconsin (Milwaukee). Additionally, it will run on national cable networks, including MSNBC, CNN, and daytime Fox News, as well as across digital and Connected TV platforms.


“Got to Work” underscores President Biden’s commitment to enhancing the American economy and his track record of delivering on that promise.