Back in July, the late director John Singleton’s daughter—Cleopatra Singleton,  filed a motion to prevent her grandmother from stopping her allowance after she graduated from college. Singleton’s mom Sheila Ward, has been in charge of John’s estate since his 2019 death, recently asked the court to allow her to stop paying Cleopatra $2,700 per month. Cleopatra said her grandmother’s request should be shut down because she’s currently enrolled in an online school.

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The judge just ruled in favor of John’s mother.

Radar Online reports:


A judge has sided with John Singleton’s mother Sheila Ward in her fight with her late son’s daughter Cleopatra over a monthly 4-figure sum she had demanded, has learned.

According to court documents obtained by, a hearing was recently held in Los Angeles Superior Court on the matter.

Singleton’s mom explained the allowance was initially approved by the court in December 2019. The funds were to be used to help Cleopatra because she was a “full-time student who did not have other sources of income.”

In her filing, Sheila claimed Cleopatra graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana in May 2021 but was still being paid.

Singleton’s mom asked that Cleopatra’s final payout from the estate be reduced by the amount she was paid after her graduation date.

Singleton’s children Justice, Selenesol, Hadar, Massai, Cleopatra, Isis, and Seven will share a 1/7 interest in his estate.


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