As New York Fashion Week (NYFW) kicks off, models and celebrities from all corners of the globe will descend upon the bustling streets of New York City to revel in the latest runway trends and express their unique styles. This year, NYFW 2023 coincides with a remarkable milestone: the 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop. As we celebrate this influential genre, let’s take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about some of the most iconic hip-hop looks that have graced the fashion world.

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Who remembers these unforgettable hip-hop fashion moments?

  1. Dapper Dan’s Luxury Streetwear: Harlem’s own Dapper Dan made waves with his custom luxury streetwear, boasting bold logos and extravagant patterns that became synonymous with hip-hop fashion in the ’80s.
  2. Run-D.M.C.’s Adidas Tracksuits: Run-D.M.C. brought the Adidas tracksuit and shell-toe sneakers to the forefront, defining hip-hop fashion in the ’80s with a nod to street culture and athletic wear.
  3. TLC’s Baggy Overalls: TLC’s T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chilli rocked baggy overalls and oversized flannel shirts, ushering in an era of relaxed and comfortable hip-hop fashion in the ’90s.
  4. Missy Elliott’s Futuristic Style: Missy Elliott’s bold and futuristic fashion sense featured metallic outfits, exaggerated silhouettes, and avant-garde accessories, leaving an indelible mark on the 2000s fashion landscape.
  5. Jay-Z’s Tailored Suits: Jay-Z seamlessly transitioned from streetwear to impeccably tailored suits, embodying a more refined and mature hip-hop style in the 2000s.
  6. Kanye West’s High-End Streetwear: Kanye West brought high-end streetwear into the mainstream with his Yeezy fashion line. His designs often featured neutral colors, minimalist aesthetics, and unique silhouettes, reshaping the fashion world in

As NYFW 2023 unfolds, we can expect to see the continued influence of hip-hop fashion shaping the runway and the streets, with designers, models, and celebrities paying homage to a genre that not only revolutionized the music industry but also left an enduring legacy in the world of style and culture.


Evident of our fashion sense is the attire worn to NYFW. Take a trip through history to review how our stars pulled up to fashion week below.