This week, Cardi B stopped by the SiriusXM studios to promote her new song Bongos with Megan Thee Stallion. She sat down to talk to SiriusXM’s Swaggy Sie on Hip Hop Nation. During the interview Cardi B spoke about how she goes shopping at Target.

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“Listen, I’m very spontaneous. I cannot be in the house trapped for nothing, like I have to go outside. I have to look at things,” said Cardi. “I have to look at soaps. I have to look at soaps and smell candles or some shit because it’s like, I cannot just be at home, so it’s like, I just put a sweater on and it’s like, “Ooooo, COVID is bad,” but like I be putting, I don’t care if nobody’s wearing a mask. Imma put a mask on and I’m gonna go in that Target. I’m gonna go to the supermarket. Sometimes I go to the Bronx. I will literally walk up and down, up and down, and people wouldn’t even know it was me.”

Cardi B also talked about collaborating with husband Offset and wanting to do more songs with him, saying, “I do wanna do like more songs with him. I do wanna explore. I feel like we do so much rough songs and it’s like, let’s talk about fucking. Like, it’s like we always talk about the music. Let’s talk about fucking because I feel like we always like on attack mode when we do songs together…. Yeah. Let’s do a little something, something. Freaky freaky freaky freaky.”


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