If you’re in pursuit of culinary excellence, look no further than the remarkable talents of Chef Ceasar and Chef Aristide. Their recent 8-course wine and food pairing pop-up event was nothing short of a gastronomic journey that left me licking my lips and craving more.

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A Tale of Passion and Inspiration

Chef Ceasar’s journey into the world of culinary arts is nothing short of inspiring. Hailing from the vibrant neighborhood of Bed-Stuy, he began his culinary adventure as a dishwasher, unaware that it would ignite a lifelong passion for food and hospitality. As a self-taught chef, he honed his skills as the Executive Chef at Melba’s Restaurant in Harlem as well as Sous Chef of Red Rooster in Harlem.

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Through his ventures, Savory Bites NYC and its sister company, Southern Finesse, Chef Ceasar shares his deep-seated passion for food with the world. His talent has even graced the screens of Food Network’s “Beat Bobby Flay,” where he showcased his culinary prowess—and beat Bobby Flay.

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Chef Aristide Williams fused his love for his hometown and New Orleans with the food he grew up watching his grandmother create. From criminal justice to culinary arts, Chef Aristide followed his dreams came to New York and appeared on Chopped, Bobby Flay and worked at the most prestigious restaurants in the city. Together the two have created a menu fit for royalty. 

A Culinary Symphony: The 8-Course Menu

The 8-course menu curated by Chef Ceasar and Chef Aristide was a harmonious blend of creativity, flavors, and culinary mastery. Each course was paired with the perfect wine course creating a symphony of tastes that danced on our palates, leaving a lasting impression.

1st Course – Heirloom Tomatoes Gazpacho

The journey began with a refreshing Heirloom Tomatoes Gazpacho soup. Roasted vegetables added depth to the flavors, while a tortilla breadstick provided a satisfying crunch, complementing the soup beautifully.

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2nd Course – Corn Panna Cotta

The second course presented a delightful Corn Panna Cotta. Its creamy texture, paired with Parmesan Tuile, Smoked Crema, Chili dust, Lime, and Cojita cheese, created a burst of flavors that awakened our taste buds.

3rd Course – Chicken Liver Mousse

A unique and delectable course followed, featuring Chicken Liver Mousse-filled beignets. Apple jam and toasted peanut Gremolata elevated the dish, showcasing the chefs’ creativity and culinary finesse.

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4th Course – Chicken Skin Boudin

The fourth course wowed us with Chicken Skin Boudin, where chicken skin was ingeniously filled with white wine jambalaya, finished in a Tabasco jus. It was a symphony of flavors and textures that left us wanting more.

5th Course – Fish & Greens

The fifth course continued the culinary adventure with Collard Wrap SeaBass. Accompanied by Oshitashi, Crispy Fish Skin, and Ginger Citrus Foam, this dish showcased the chefs’ expertise in combining diverse flavors and ingredients.

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6th Course – MawMaw Vicky’s Gumbo & Grits

A heartwarming sixth course took us deep into the heart of the South with MawMaw Vickys Gumbo & Grits. The seafood gumbo broth filled with crawfish tails, gulf shrimp, and a seafood stock was beautifully complemented by Grits with lump crab, resulting in a soulful and comforting dish.

7th Course – Jalapeño Lime Margarita Sorbet

As we approached the penultimate course, we were treated to a palate-cleansing Jalapeño Lime Margarita Sorbet, a refreshing interlude that prepared us for the grand finale.

8th Course – S’mores

The grand finale was nothing short of spectacular. The eighth course featured a delightful S’mores dessert, consisting of Chocolate mousse, black pepper crumble, and toasted meringue. It was the perfect ending to an extraordinary culinary journey.

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Chef Ceasar and Chef Aristide’s 8-course wine and food pairing pop-up event was a true culinary masterpiece. Their ability to blend flavors, textures, and creativity is a testament to their culinary genius. We left the event not only satiated but with a newfound appreciation for the artistry and passion that these chefs bring to the table. It’s an experience we won’t soon forget, and we eagerly await their next culinary adventure. From cooking for the Oprah Winfrey to beating Bobby Flay, these two kings are ready to take over the culinary world.

photos by: Alex Rivera

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