Joyner Lucas has released his latest single, “Seventeen,” from his upcoming album, Not Now, I’m Busy. The song is a masterful sampling flip of Mac Miller’s 2011 hit “Donald Trump” and is a heartfelt homage to the late and great rapper.

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The track begins with Joyner Lucas paying his respects to Mac Miller, starting with a “Rest In Peace Mac Miller” shoutout in the song’s intro. This tribute showcases Mac Miller’s deep impact on the music industry and the respect he garnered from fellow artists.

In addition to releasing the single, Joyner Lucas surprised fans with a corresponding music video for “Seventeen.” The video was shot at his newly opened frozen yogurt spot, “Oh Wow Frozen Yogurt and Smoothies,” located in Northborough, Massachusetts, near his hometown. Joyner invited all his fans to celebrate the establishment’s grand opening, creating a unique and memorable experience for his supporters. “Seventeen” is a touching tribute that showcases Joyner Lucas’s creativity and respect for his fellow artists while generating excitement for his upcoming album, Not Now, I’m Busy.


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