This week Grammy Award-winning singer/ songwriter Ne-Yo and the mother of his two youngest sons, Instagram model Big Sade, were ordered into mediation over their child support battle. Now it has been revealed that Sade was arrested in March for cruelty to children for helping her fight a classmate at the bus stop. Witnesses and cameras allegedly saw Sade “kick and place the child in a chokehold before spraying him in the face with pepper spray.

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Radar Online reports:

Ne-Yo’s ex-girlfriend Sade Bagnerise was taken into custody on charges of cruelty to children after she allegedly helped her son fight another child at the bus stop, has learned. has obtained a petition for a temporary protective order filed by a woman named Veronica Madison against Sade.

In the petition, Veronica claimed Sade and Sade’s son, whom she does not share with Ne-Yo, “premeditated the act” of driving from their home to her neighborhood. She alleged they went to the bus stop, hid behind the bushes, and then attacked her son after he exited the school bus.

Veronica said eyewitnesses and camera footage captured Sade allegedly punching Veronica’s son as Sade’s child also fought him.

In the petition, she said witnesses saw Sade “kick and place my son in a chokehold prior to spraying him in the face with pepper spray. Eyewitnesses notified law enforcement at which point [Sade] and her son fled the scene.”

Veronica claimed that witnesses stayed on the scene and “gave account of what they saw to police.”

She said paramedics were called to treat her son for pepper spray in his “eyes, hair and on his body.’

Since the alleged incident, Veronica said Sade’s son has continued to make verbal threats via social media. She claims Sade’s child has sent messages and attempted video calls — and even allegedly threatened to “kill my son on video.”

“He’s also made threats to breach my home and inflict harm on my son, myself, my mother, repeatedly, with gunfire,” she alleged.

Veronica added, “This is the 3rd altercation with my son” and Sade’s child. “All three times [Sade’s son] has summoned my son to fight. The last two times he’s attacked him without warning. Once at school and once at the bus stop.”

The mother said her son does not have any interest in fighting with Sade’s son.

In her petition, filed in March 2023, Veronica stated, “[Sade] has been arrested and is currently being held at Fulton County Jail. Charges have also been pressed against the child. Bond conditions state no contact with my family. This [restraining order petition] is being filed to further enforce the ruling.”

Jail records obtained by show Sade was arrested on March 27 on charges of cruelty to children – 1st degree, cruelty to children – 3rd degree, and battery.

Sade was released on March 29 after posting a bond of $31k.

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