Polo G is delaying his upcoming album. Hitting Instagram, Polo G revealed that he would not stick to his Sept. 15 release date while he faces criminal charges.

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“Wanted to Tap Back in & Let y’all kno imma be postponing my album drop til further notice…just gettin back on track from a minor set back I’ll be updating y’all and droppin new music soon Ik y’all been waitin on me & I appreciate the ones who show genuine support but it’ll be worth the wait I promise,” Polo G wrote.

Following the recent police raid at Polo G’s Los Angeles residence earlier this week, Polo G, known for his Chicago slang-infused lyrics, was taken into custody for weapons possession. Additionally, his brother, Trench Baby, was charged with armed robbery in connection with the same incident.


The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) reported that the raid was prompted by an armed robbery that took place in Grenada Hills on August 15. During this incident, Trench Baby was accused of robbing a videographer who had been scheduled to film a music video that day. Allegedly, he instructed the videographer to empty his pockets and even compelled him to transfer funds into a specific bank account.

Upon Trench Baby’s arrest, authorities discovered a small bag containing unidentified drugs in his possession. Polo G was apprehended on charges of possessing a short-barrel rifle that was discovered in his residence during the police raid.

Late last month, Polo G unveiled the captivating music video for his latest single, “Barely Holdin’ On.” The poignant video, directed by RAPSTAR music video maestro ARRAD, once again teams up with Polo G to craft an emotionally charged visual experience.

The video’s narratives were thoughtfully chosen by Polo himself, featuring real individuals grappling with genuine struggles. This deliberate decision reflects Polo’s commitment to authenticity, highlighting their everyday challenges and triumphs.

“Barely Holdin’ On” stands as the lead single from Polo G’s highly anticipated forthcoming album, “HOOD POET,” slated for release on September 15th under Columbia Records. As Polo G continues to blend his evocative storytelling with impactful visuals, this latest release promises to be a potent precursor to the full album’s debut, creating heightened anticipation among fans and the music world at large.

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