SheaMoisture Men, a leading personal grooming brand for men of color, is unveiling its groundbreaking campaign, “Black Men Love,” with the mission to celebrate and honor Black men through the lens of love. This multifaceted initiative will shed light on the diverse ways in which Black men express love and contribute to reshaping societal perceptions of Black masculinity.

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The campaign kicked off with pop-up events in New York and Los Angeles, where SheaMoisture Men distributed roses and love letters to Black men on the streets in front of “Show Black Men Love” flower wall murals. The New York event took place in Harlem at Denny Moe’s Superstar Barbershop, while the Los Angeles event was held at the All Chill Hip Hop Ice Cream Shop in Leimert Park.

As the safety and well-being of Black men remain crucial issues, SheaMoisture Men is committed to affirming their worth and significance through acts of service.


In collaboration with Black Men Heal, Black Men Smile, and The Black Man Can, the campaign will come to life through a three-part strategy:

Digital Content Series: SheaMoisture Men will release a series of short vignettes directed by Dominique DeLeon, showcasing how Black men express love in various aspects of life. These vignettes will share the personal stories of everyday Black men as they navigate manhood, highlighting how love influences their roles as fathers, teachers, partners, and professionals. The campaign will release the Hero trailer and Each One Teach One vignette in September on SheaMoisture Men’s Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter) channels.

Weekly Affirmations: Inspirational affirmations written by Black male leaders will be shared weekly on SheaMoisture Men’s social media platforms, emphasizing self-love and love within relationships.

Wellness Events: SheaMoisture Men will host intimate wellness events and closed-door roundtable discussions, providing Black men with a safe space for open dialogue on their authentic experiences, Black masculinity, and the impact of love on their roles as men.

Join the “Black Men Love” journey by following @sheamoisturemen on Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter) and using hashtags #SheaMoistureMen and #BlackMenLove to stay updated on campaign developments.