Global superstar and multi-Latin GRAMMY winner J Balvin has joined forces with USHER and DJ Khaled to unleash their high-energy dance track, “DIENTES,” along with an accompanying music video. This collaboration is a fusion of three distinct and incredibly successful artists, promising an unforgettable and timeless hit that’s poised to become the next global anthem.

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“DIENTES” incorporates an iconic interpolation of USHER’s 2004 record-breaking hit, “Yeah!,” adding a sizzling Latin twist, uniquely crafted by J Balvin. The result is a track set to ignite dance floors worldwide.

The music video is an explosively captivating journey that blends nostalgia with lively entertainment. Vibrant city streets and a dynamic dance floor are colorful backdrops, pulsating in rhythm with J Balvin’s exhilarating beats, USHER’s smooth R&B, and DJ Khaled’s signature sound. This carefully curated visual experience pays homage to the past while propelling “DIENTES” into the future as an unforgettable musical masterpiece.


Produced by a powerhouse team, including Mura Masa, Fred Ball, DJ Luian, Mambo Kingz, Tainy, and Michael Brun, “DIENTES” showcases J Balvin’s ability to reinvent music while staying true to his Latino roots.

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