South Carolina has been waiting for a contender to GO OFF in the Rap Jungle, aka “The Rap Game”, for some time now! Kweena Dess hails from the infamous 843, better known as Charleston, South Carolina, where the streets are a melting pot of urban vibes and hungry artists. The female lyricist known for her gangster style flow, grew up heavily inspired by the trendsetters of that lane before her; Gangsta BooLa Chat and Mia X. Kweena admits that she is heavily influenced by the female rappers who bring out the hood-ratchet culture in their music. Kweena Dess cooked up her latest single “Check In” out now on all platforms, and the track is steadily rising in streams and viewers online.

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The single is a sample of “Slob On My Cat” by Kweena’s inspiration, Memphis Rap Queen, La Chat. “Check In” has a vibe that all the girls can have a fun time enjoying, and she owned the visuals serving up a load of sexiness for her male fans. Kweena holds nothing back from the song and mentions she wanted to make her inspiration, La Chat, proud.

“Any female out the hood would love the song and so I had to put my Geechie mix to it.

– Kweena Dess

Kweena heard the catchy anthem that La Chat created years ago, and instantly fell in love with it. The birth of her remix titled “Check In” is nothing short of historical. One night while she was working in the studio with her producer, he began to play her a pack of sample beats that he created. She heard the “Slob On My Cat” sample and instantly picked it to record on. This landed her one of the biggest singles in her catalog. Currently, the budding artist is touring her new music at different stages in the South with her team. With a hungry appetite for success, Kweena is always on GO and works hard to deliver consistent music. In recent years, with the surge of female MCs breaking down new barriers every day in the music industry, this is an artist that everyone will see more of in the near future. Check out the official music video for “Check In” below.


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