Baby Jungle is here to prove why he’s up next. Hailing from Macon, Georgia, the rising star recently celebrated a big moment in his career when he collaborated with Luh Tyler on “Groove In,” and he’s not stopping until he gets to the top.

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It was 8th grade when Baby Jungle decided to take music seriously, eventually falling victim to the streets. With his father getting locked up and multiple deaths taking place in the family, Baby Jungle would soon find music to be his saving grace. Soon, he’d make the bold move to relocate to Atlanta to go full-fledged with his music career.

Now, Baby Jungle returns with his newest song and visual called “No Dissin.” The record showcases his talents as a rapper, spitting nothing but truth in his lyrics.


Speaking on what inspired the song, Baby Jungle states, “How I was raised, you can’t let people play with you or they will keep trying to play with you! So it’s really a song for the feeling you get when you’re fed up and have to spazz out!”

The song’s official music video was a vibe in itself, with Baby Jungle being a huge fan of run and gun videos.

He states, “I want the fans to tap in! Listen to the song to get them hype! When they are working out, getting ready for a football game or whatever. Turn it all the way up and go crazy!”

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