Kim Kardashian may have a new boo, Odell Beckham Jr. Reports have not placed them directly in a relationship, but has stated they are “hanging out.”

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According to PEOPLE, the “hanging out” follows Beckham Jr.’s split with his model girlfriend Lauren Wood, who he shares a son with.

The two are stated to have mutual friends linking the two, but TMZ notes in 2021 Kardashian went to a couple of Rams games when Beckham played for the Los Angeles Rams. Beckham now suits up for the Baltimore Ravens.


Most recently, an NSFW picture caught Kanye West with his butt out in a compromising position on a boat. TMZ caught up with Kim Kardashian’s team, who stated she could care less.

According to a source, Kim only cares about co-parenting with Ye, contrasting previous reports that she was upset by the images that surfaced from Italy.

Kanye West was caught with his pants down, literally. Paparazzi in Italy caught Ye with his pants down during a boat ride. Page Six Notes Ye’s butt was exposed to those close, with both quickly escaping once they reached the dock.