Tory Lanez has been transferred to prison. Before his transition, a new mugshot was snapped, which was shared by TMZ.

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Lanez will be housed at the North Kern State Prison, which is 145 miles away from Los Angeles in Delano, California.

Tory Lanez allegedly had a remark for court reporter Meghan Cuniff at his release hearing. Conflict reports stated Lanez looked at the gallery and called Cuniff a “googly eyed bitch.” Cuniff spoke about the report, stating she didn’t hear it herself.


“I didn’t hear it and I’m still working tos ee if transcript has it, but I’ve confirmed Tory Lanez chose to use his final courtroom moments to profanely insult me, calling me ‘a googly eyed bitch’ as he looked at gallery,” Cuniff wrote. “Conflicting reports on whether he named me. A fitting end.”

Tory Lanez’s request for release from custody while working on an appeal of his conviction for shooting Megan Teee Stallion was denied leading to the prison transfer.

Cunnif states Los Angeles Judge David Herriford denied the request. “The motion will be denied and proceedings concluded. Thank you,” Judge Herriford said.

As Lanez left the courtroom, he smiled at his family and supporters.

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