Stephen Byrd is a name that more people should know in Hip Hop and Business. With his early success as a hip-hop executive, the serial entrepreneur found himself producing his show, working with Starz Entertainment, and recently signing a deal with MVD Entertainment Group. That, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. Byrd also has a knack for technology, which led him to produce the first version of live streaming on mobile phones” two years before Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms even had the technology. Now, he has turned his attention back to technology with a focus on AI and voice assistant devices.

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Early Success in Music

For most of his life, Stephen had a love for hip-hop music and entertainment, and he followed that passion with his entrepreneurial endeavors. Being a part of the music industry was a learning experience for him, especially since, at an early stage, he realized the push for everything to go digital. “I saw early on that we weren’t going to be able to put movies and CDs in stores,” explains Stephen. Because of this increase in digital accessibility, Stephen was determined to create a platform for artists to publish and create music they can sell without dealing with the hassle of a middle-man service. His years of experience in the music industry enabled him to easily transition to the technological entrepreneurial world. Whether launching his own record label Byrd Records with Universal Music Group-Fontana or launching his television series on Starz Entertainment named, Hip Hop Raw and Uncut Concert Series, inking a brand deal with MVD Entertainment Group, or launching the first Live platform for artists to stream their music live, rather than struggle with slow upload speeds, Byrd has always been a promoter and a disrupter. 


Voice Technology For The Future

Over the last twelve years, Byrd has made the switch to technology development. With a specific focus on artificial intelligence and voice recognition, he noticed a void in the industry – there were no capabilities for real-time business offers for specific industries. That is until Byrd created VoiceeAds –  a way to produce real-time offers and deals all through voice search-activated capabilities. For Byrd it’s simple; this software merges convenience and practicality.“People don’t want to be tied to their screens. They want to be free to be on the go, find their information, and easily place orders.” Currently, Byrd is waiting on the final approval of his patent, but his voice assistant app is already available and it’s already received a deal to be acquired. For the consumer, it’s the perfect place to find instant information through voice assistant about their favorite topics. For the business, it’s the perfect time to put their product and offer in front of someone ready to make a purchase whether that’s a game ticket, food, or their favorite team’s jersey. 

If you are interested in learning more about Stephen Byrd’s journey to make real-time deals accessible via voice search-activated artificial intelligence, check out his website Just Go Live Ai VoiceeAds Search Assistant Marketing for more information.