In a groundbreaking move, basketball sensation Zion Williamson has introduced his exclusive, one-of-a-kind custom-designed Gatorade Smart Gx Bottle. This innovative creation extends Zion’s self-expression beyond the basketball court, offering a glimpse into the passions that drive him and how he conquers challenges in pursuit of his goals.

Zion Smart Gx Bottle 2K Integration Court

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Zion’s personal mantra, “Let’s Dance,” graces the bottle, serving as an inspiring call to action. The design showcases a color scheme featuring his favorite colors, black and purple. The linear purple lines symbolize the beginning of his journey, while the pattern of upward arrows and lines represents his unwavering determination to overcome adversity and forge ahead.

The bottle’s intricate details include sound bars from his favorite song, a binary code, and a double helix, all encapsulating the idea that he’s “Built Different.” The globe incorporated into the design symbolizes Zion’s unfinished business with the world and himself. The recurring 01 binary codes pay homage to the 2019 NBA Draft, where Zion was the 1st overall pick, representing his iconic jersey number.


The Gx Smart Bottle, a true innovation in the world of hydration, offers a 30 oz. capacity, a flip-lid cap compatible with Gx flavor concentrate pods, and a Gatorskin grip for maximum control. It takes the guesswork out of hydration, helping users track their intake and hit personalized hydration goals linked to the Gx App.

Only 2,500 of these extraordinary bottles have been created and are exclusively available for purchase on for $59.99. Each purchase includes a 4-pack of Gx Hydration Pods and a 2-count of Gx Sweat Patches, making it a unique and holistic addition to Zion Williamson’s legacy in the sports world.