Blac Chyna, now going by Angela White, is currently strapped for cash and reportedly selling off her personal items to remain afloat.

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According to TMZ, Chyna has asked for assistance from Tyga during their custody battle. She currently sells clothes, purses, and shoes online and to friends to survive. White currently has made $178,000 from her personal items but fears running out of items to sell.

White states the custody battle with Tyga is draining her cash due to legal bills, and she will need money from the rapper to continue. White also states Tyga does not communicate with her, which impacts the 24 hours she currently shares with her son.


Sources state Tyga is currently paying for their son’s school tuition, medical bills, and living expenses. White wants Tyga to pay $125,000 in legal fees.

In July, White celebrated ten months of being sober. Hitting Instagram, she delivered a message about what she has been up to: “Happy 10 months sober, clean eating, working out, staying in the word(bible), healing my mind, body and soul.”

You can see Chyna’s updated looks below.